a real Pizzawork

Step 1. - Order the Burger
6oz mozza stuffed patty, crusted in mozza with marinara & garlic bun

Step 2. - Add a Stuffing
Pepperoni | Ham | Mushrooms | Pineapple | Onions | Peppers

Step 3. - Add more stuffs
.95¢ each

Step4. ENJOY!!


August 1-30 BOTM The Holy Smoke

1 6oz patty topped with BBQ sauce, smokey garlic mayo, bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, Hickory sticks & sweet pickles.

Burger of the Month - Baba Gloria's Burger

Our very own sous chef Adam Sheridan made this beautiful homestyle perogie burger!! Yum!

Pork Patty
Crispy Perogi
Canadian Cheddar
Lemon & Chive Sour Cream
Cartelized Onion

March Burger of the Month - Bat Out of Hell!

UPDATE - This is now a regular item on our Menu. It was such a success, not too mention when the Minister actually showed up to enjoy his namesake. It was a great day to have him and his crew in our restaurant. Thanks again for Joining us!.


March is here and we are bringing back a favourite for Burger of the Month! BAT OUT OF HELL - Meatloaf burger topped with horseradish, glaze onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomato and topped with smoked cheddar.

The Swarma Awakens/AKA\ The Swarmtrooper

This delicious burger deserves two names because its THAT GOOD!

Its a 6 ounce patty seasoned patty topped with dilled yogurt, cucumber, tabbouleh, hot sauce, pickled onion & L.T.P.

Come Try one today!!

The C.C.R. Burger

Our new burger of the month!!! The C.C.R burger (chicken, coleslaw, revival)...

Bat Out of Hell

Bat Out of Hell

New month new burger! Bat out of hell! A meatloaf burger topped with...

El Diablo De Mayo

El Diablo De Mayo

Two 3oz patties topped with guacamole, salsa & smokey picanté mayo...